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Mediplex Sejong Hospital provides patients with the best medical service through the best team of doctors, the best quality of medical examination and the best treatment space. Sejong Hospital's team of Doctors is gathered from the best medical doctors in the world, working together to support each other to improve the effectiveness of treatment. The hospital is the first and only special "medical complex" in Korea, helping patients be cared for and treated for many diseases at the same location. The hospital space is designed in the best way, with the criteria of putting the safety of the patient first, besides the artworks on display and the parks and gardens inside the hospital. Come to patients to experience healing in the heart of nature.
Mediplex Sejong Hospital is a place where patients can experience the process of medical examination, treatment and recovery quickly. One-stop service ONE-STOP Service helps patients check, treat and confirm results in only one place, limiting travel time. The 24-hour permanent cardiopulmonary and specialized system, the RRT emergency response team (Rapid Response Team) are always in the state of readiness and application of AEGIS - artificial intelligence in health will help the treatment process. patient's fastest, putting patient safety first. With less invasive surgical treatments, patients shorten recovery time and will soon return to normal life.
The trust of Mediplex Sejong Hospital comes from: brand, love and cost. Mediplex Sejong Hospital is built on a long-standing experience and history, a prestigious hospital for patients at home and abroad, designated by the Ministry of Health as the only 'Heart Disease Medical Authority'. In South Korea, the Korean Heart Organization rated the first rate of successful cardiac surgery (97.8%) out of 61 hospitals. Sejong Hospital also constantly endeavors to share health with love, the hospital has performed free surgery for 11,490 children with congenital heart disease at home and abroad. Reasonable medical care costs, hospitals are equipped with a variety of rooms to suit the needs and capabilities of each patient is also a factor that makes the hospital receive the trust from patients.
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